Actress/model Jenny McCarthy's search for love has given her a new perspective on how to find the perfect mate - and she urges singles to consider a weekend away early in the relationship to determine if it will work over time.
The Playboy Playmate is now dating American footballer Brian Urlacher after a series of failed romances following her split from funnyman Jim Carrey - and she insists her "hell" of finding a partner has turned her into a romance expert.
She tells WENN, "While on this wonderful journey of dating hell I've been on I've realised on your first date, keep an eye on how your man treats the service industry; your waitress, your waiter, the valet person. You can kind of see someone bleed through.
"If they're snappy or rude or not respectful to people that are trying to help you out, I take that as a big red flag and that person doesn't usually get a second date. That's a quick tip.
"If you kind of make it to that two weeks or a month when you're dating, then the next litmus test is to go on a weekend trip away somewhere.
"Spending at least three days somewhere, you can again see true self, even if it comes out for five minutes somewhere in those three days. So that's usually how I keep going. If you see something you don't like, end it immediately. That seems to have served me well - I'm getting rid of the bad guys quick that way."