Jenny McCarthy dresses for comfort, not style.

The 40-year-old beauty relocated to Chicago earlier this year and admits she is less concerned with fashion since making the move - which has the added bonus of saving her money.

She said: ''People there don't really get caught up in couture, so I've been saving a lot of money shopping at the mall versus shopping on Rodeo Drive. It's been nice in so many ways.

''I think I'm dressing more for comfort than for style, and I notice that I've gone up a size in my jeans, and my clothes, and I'm alright with that - you need that winter weight. I miss nothing about Los Angeles.''

Jenny has been named a spokesperson for Tria Hair Removal Laser and says working for the device - an at-home system that allows women to zap unwanted hairs in private - is perfect for her because she is happy to speak about her own quest to be hairless.

She told People: ''I'm very honest and willing to open up about why women want to be hairless. So this was kind of the perfect fit.''

Explaining how she used to go to a doctor to have her excess hair removed, she added: ''I loved it, but since then still have unwanted hairs in new areas.

''And I don't have the time, or the brave face that I maybe used to, to go into an office, but I do want to be ready to go now that I'm single. Tria makes sense for me because it's private, convenient and more affordable.''