Jenny McCarthy attempted to keep her date with Chicago Bears superstar line-backer Brian Urlacher on the low-down, but the pair were snapped by leaving Mastro's steak restaurant in Beverly Hills via the back door.
The couple had been enjoying a romantic dinner at one of the most expensive steak joints in town, and attempted to sneak out of the back door where an Suv was waiting. However, as the entertainment website put it "When you're as big as Urlacher it's hard to go unnoticed", and the pair were photographed climbing into the vehicle together. The line-backer reportedly dated Paris Hilton several years ago, though the pair never confirmed their romance. MCCarthy's personal life is a little more clear-cut - she married the actor John Mallory Asher in 1999 and divorced in 2005 having had one son together, Evan. In December 2005, she began dating the comedy actor Jim Carrey, announcing that the couple were living together during an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show in 2008. The couple announced they had split in April 2010.
MCCarthy - a former Playmate of the Year - is yet to comment on speculation she is dating Urlacher.