ATOMIC KITTEN star Jenny Frost has had a furious bust-up with top clothes designer STELLA McCARTNEY - over a gay man.

According to Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper, The TIDE IS HIGH singer screamed at the GUCCI fashion guru in the middle of London's fashionable KABARET nightclub after Stella tried to "muscle in" on a hunky male friend she was dancing with - despite the fact both women are engaged.

A fellow reveller reports, "Stella was really eyeing him up. He and Jenny were grinding away on the dancefloor and Stella was totally transfixed.

"She had obviously been boozing and headed straight towards them. She blatantly tried to muscle in and start dancing with this bloke."

However, Frost angrily protected her interests from McCartney - who is engaged to magazine publisher ALASDHAIR WILLIS - shouting, "What the f*** do you think you are doing? He's with me."

Stella, who was partying with actress pal Liv Tyler, responded, "I didn't think I was stepping on anyone's toes."

Frost screeching back, "Well, you are. This is not f***ing on. What the f*** is your problem? Leave him alone, he's with me," before turning to her blonde pal and exclaiming, "But you're my friend. You're supposed to be out with me tonight."

Frost, who is currently planning her marriage to DJ DOM THRUPP, then burst into tears and attempted to storm out of the club, but returned moments later - because her chauffeur driven car had not arrived yet.

The source adds, "The ludicrous thing was that these two girls were fighting over a gay man."

25/04/2003 13:34