ATOMIC KITTEN singers Jenny Frost and Liz Mcclarnon have both signed solo singing deals with the band's record label EMI.

Just weeks after announcing the chart-topping three-piece are taking a 12 month break so bandmate Natasha Hamilton can spend more time with her young son JOSH, Liz and Jenny have secured a one-album deal each, worth $450,000 (GBP250,000).

Frost, who will be working with EMI imprint PARLOPHONE, plans to move away from the Kitten's pop sound and has already begun writing more edgy material with her boyfriend, DJ DOM THRUPP. McCLARNON, remaining at the band's imprint INNOCENT, is aiming to stick to pop, and emulate the success of Australian chart star DELTA GOODRUM.

A source close to the singers says, "EMI are confident there is enough of a fanbase for them to do well. But the girls couldn't stay at Innocent because there would be a conflict of interests.

"Jenny wants to do more grown-up stuff and her sexy image will help."

"Liz is taking less of a risk. She's known as the straight-laced one from Atomic Kitten. So that's the road that she will go down as a solo artist."

A spokesperson for the band adds, "Obviously Jenny and Liz are both delighted and we expect big things from them."

11/02/2004 02:33