ATOMIC KITTEN star Jenny Frost has been ordered not to sing - forcing the girl trio to postpone their South African tour.

Sexy Jenny went to see specialist GARFIELD DAVIES who discovered she had nodules on her vocal chords.

She has now been ordered not to sing for a month.

A source says, "She's having steam treatment to ease the pain and get the bumps down. She's not allowed to speak before midday because it's crucial she rests her voice.

"Then she has to carry out a 20-minute singing routine in the shower.

"Jenny is really fed up because she was desperate to sing but the other girls , LIZ and TASH, have said her health comes first."

Jenny is not the first singer to go through the painful process - both ROD STEWART and Ronan Keating were cured by it.

08/06/2003 14:12