ATOMIC KITTEN singer Jenny Frost has blasted reports she's planning to quit the girl group to launch a solo career.

A British newspaper yesterday (07JAN04) claimed the sexy star was unhappy in the chart-topping trio, and ready to go it alone.

But Jenny - who joined the Kittens in 2001 after original member KERRY KATONA quit to start a family - insists she is perfectly happy performing with bandmates Natasha Hamilton and Liz Mcclarnon.

Frost says, "We are so tight as a band and things are just getting better and better for us."

And statement on the band's official website reads, "Jenny is NOT planning to quit.

"It's a load of nonsense and we can - with 100 per cent accuracy - tell you that the Atomic Kitten girls are stronger and happier than ever."

08/01/2004 14:04