Jennifer Tilly's hopes of getting hot and heavy with TV's Frasier have been dashed - thanks to Janet Jackson's breast-baring display at the Super Bowl last month (FEB04).

The actress plays "a cheap bimbo" girlfriend of Kelsey Grammer's Seattle shrink in an upcoming episode of the sitcom, but she wasn't even allowed to kiss the star.

She says, "I was just going to add it but they said no. There's some stuff that was a little racy and they cut it in the wake of Janet Jacksongate."

The role is the conclusion of a 17-year arc for Tilly, who played Frasier's girlfriend in an episode of Cheers in the 1980s.

She says, "Now I'm playing a older cheap bimbo getting picked up in a bar."

08/03/2004 13:50