The upcoming movie SEED OF CHUCKY is set to include a highly raunchy scene - with the title puppet character masturbating.

The comedy, which will be released in America next month (NOV04), continues where Bride of Chucky left off and follows the exploits of offspring GLEN as he travels to Hollywood and decides actress Jennifer Tilly would be the perfect surrogate mother for his and girlfriend Tiffany's children.

Tilly tells MAXIM magazine, "Tiffany hands Chucky a cup and a copy of FANGORIA, and says, 'Go at it!' I mean, there's actually a scene of Chucky jerking off!

"And then they artificially inseminate me with a turkey baster. I was lying on my back all day while we filmed that, going, 'My life sucks!'"

25/10/2004 02:52