Jennifer Saunders says she was delighted to reunite with her Absolutely Fabulous co-stars to shoot a Christmas special, but admits she couldn't help but notice a few signs of ageing, reports the Press Association.
Jennifer, 53, joined forces once again with Joanna Lumley, Jane Horrocks, Julia Sawalha and June Whitfield to begin filming the much anticipated special, but told the Graham Norton show, "It was a lovely thing going back. It all seemed the same, except at the read-through there was a lot of snapping open of spectacle cases and people bending low to read their scripts", adding, "Everyone's still alive - phew!". In recently released publicity shots for the show, Saunders resurrects her outrageous character Edina Monsoon, while Lumley once again plays Patsy. The actress spoke of the desire to have celebrity cameos in the special but spoke of how in the end their just wasn't space saying, "With only three episodes there are a lot of people to pack in, but we've got the regulars, Lulu and Emma Bunton".
Saunders wrote the three new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, set to be aired at Christmas, while she was recovering from breast cancer. If all goes to plan, she plans to begin work on a big screen version, saying, "I'm thinking about it, really seriously thinking about it".