Sugarland star Jennifer Nettles wept openly after a stage collapse claimed fans' lives in August (11), admitting the tragedy put her faith to the test and forced her to "face her own mortality".
The country duo was preparing to step onstage at the Indiana State Fair when a thunderstorm tore the rigging down, killing seven concertgoers and injuring 45 more.
Now Nettles has for the first time described her horror at watching the catastrophe unfold in an emotional U.S. TV interview with bandmate Kristian Bush.
She tells ABC broadcaster Robin Roberts, "There are no words for that kind of tragedy, and for the power of nature. When you are faced with your own mortality in that way, that brings some perspective too. Everything suddenly looked dark, and then wind, and then a crashing sound, a horrible metal torquing, twisting sound.
"Then the ceiling of the dressing room torqued and shuddered, and everyone went to the wall, because we didn't know what was happening, because we couldn't see, we're underneath... We all just all stood there, waiting to know what was happening... Obviously, once we realised what happened, everybody's on their radios, and it's madness... I wept."
The singer admits news of the deaths even challenged her faith, adding: "It's a game changer. I think any sort of crisis can test our faith, and push us to our limits. There will always be a before that happened, and an after that happened."
Sugarland returned to Indiana last month (Oct11) to play a free concert in honour of those killed in the crash.