Jennifer Morrison says love clouds her judgement.

The 32-year-old actress plays Snow White's daughter Emma Swan in 'Once Upon A Time' and in the TV series her character has a special power which means she can tell when people are lying.

Jennifer believes she has good instincts when it comes to judging people but admits her instincts are affected when she is dealing with a guy she has romantic feelings for.

She said: ''It may be something I have in Common with Emma. I have strong instincts about people in terms of whether I feel they are being honest with me or not. And it is interesting because, at times, I feel like I'm very off about it when my emotions get involved, or when I'm dealing with a guy that I have feelings for. That's exactly what Emma has trouble with.''

Jennifer believes the time is right for the fairytale-inspired TV series because the world is in such a financial mess that people want the escapism such stories provide.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, the actress - who was previously engaged to her 'House' co-star Jesse Spencer - explained: ''I can only guess but it's not an accident that Disney's 'Snow White' was released during the Great Depression. This is a time where everybody is unstable economically and so many things are shifting in the world. We all grew up with these fairytales so there's a warm, fuzzy comfort to going back to those stories as an adult and experiencing them in different ways.''