Actress Jennifer Morrison loved the blonde look she adopted for her part in TV movie THE MURDER OF PRINCESS DIANA so much, she asked the writers of hit show HOUSE to write the makeover into the new series. The pretty star, who plays Dr. Allison Cameron in the hit medical show, loathed the idea of returning to her brunette look after going blonde to play a reporter caught up in the Diana, Princess of Wales tragedy - so she insisted on keeping her new hairdo. She says, "I love the hair. I did it for the Princess Diana film and I called the producers of House and said, 'I totally want to do whatever is right for the character, but I'd like to go blonde.' "I said, 'With the changes going on for my character, this might be the right time to make a change in my look.' "I won them over and they decided to write it into the show. "I'm a natural blonde but what I have now is actually a shade lighter than my original colour. It's fun. I look like myself again. I spent 24 years with blonde hair but I'm known for being a brunette."