Claustrophobic actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was left petrified on the set of hit TV show GHOST WHISPERER recently - when she had to spend 14 hours shooting a scene in a tiny tunnel. The star was less than pleased when she found out her character in the spooky series gets stuck underground in one episode - and she didn't have to act scared. She says, "It was awful. It was really tough because my character was supposed to be freaked out but I had to get myself really calm in order to even get myself to go in. "We were literally in a room the size of a small bathroom with 25 crew members for 14 hours. And I'm supposed to be really, really scared and so I'd done all this work trying to calm myself down, it's going to be fine, I'm in a peaceful place. "And I get in there they were like, 'Now hyperventilate and pretend you don't like small spaces' and I said, 'I don't like small spaces.' I was freaking out for 14 hours. I was exhausted. "At one point it got really bad and they had to let me out. They were nice though - they built a wall that was removable so that I could get out at any time if I freaked out."