Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is terrified of high-level Hollywood meetings because they often take place at the top of tall buildings - and she has an elevator phobia. The claustrophobic star admits she won't set foot in a lift if she feels there are too many people in it. She says, "My biggest fear is claustrophobia and that's not a good one to have... 'Let's fit 90 people in and go up to floor 68' - not my thing. I can't do more than five people." And her phobia has created problems for her on movie sets. She explains, "I had to do a scene in one of those tanning beds... and they had to light it for the movie we were doing, so it was, like, 100 degrees. "We were in Mexico, which was really hot, and the room we were in had no air conditioning and I passed out right in the middle of the tanning bed." Claustrophobia isn't neurotic Love Hewitt's only terror - she's also scared of sharks and that keeps her out of the sea, and she's a terrible hypochondriac. She explains, "I have everything (illness). I'm pretty sure I had the bird flu four or five times... I know I drive people mad."