Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has been filled with disappointment, after one of Ashton Kutcher's PUNK'D pranks fooled her into believing she'd make a movie with Brad Pitt.

The I Know What You Did Last Summer beauty met with an actor posing as a casting director, who excited her with the prospect of starring in a false World War II epic called WAGES OF WAR as Pitt's sister.

But her smiles were soon wiped away when the 'agent' revealed he'd lost a ton of money on a bad Super Bowl bet and his life was at risk unless he paid up immediately. When the two 'debt collectors' charged into the office, a visibly shaken Love Hewitt attempted to exit the office, moments before learning it was all just a prank.

And while she was relieved to be safe, the lost opportunity to work with Pitt was clearly disappointing.

While recovering from her trauma, she asked Kutcher, "I'm not really gonna get to be in a cool movie, am I? Darn it!"

The episode aired in America last night (16MAY04).

18/05/2004 21:02