Sexy actress Jennifer Love Hewitt hates watching episodes of her old TV hit PARTY OF FIVE - because she can't stand the way she looked on the show.

The 25-year-old played SARAH REEVES on the American programme for four years until 1999, but dislikes noting her appearance whenever she catches an old episode.

She says, "It's so scary! I was really in the middle of puberty at that point. And that's just not fun to look back on at all.

"The one thing that I noticed on Party of Five is that the jeans have really changed. I had on such high-water pants on Party of Five. My jeans were up underneath (my breasts). It's really embarrassing.

"And now we have the show-your-hoo-ha jeans - the jeans now are so low that you can almost see your hoo-ha!"

13/06/2004 21:16