Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has such a strong stance against using bad language, she gets her grandmother to do all of the swearing for her.

The clean-living I Know What You Did Last Summer beauty - who proudly declares she doesn't drink, smoke or take drugs - made an agreement with her grandma which she's intent on sticking to.

She says, "I made a promise to my grandmother that I would really try to never do that because she believes that ladies don't use foul language.

"So my grandmother and I kinda have this pact that if I'm really angry about something and I feel like it's gonna come out, I can call her and I'm like, 'Grandma, I'm having a rough day! I need you to say some stuff!' And she will just yell 'em all out into the phone. She curses for me."

18/09/2003 14:05