Jennifer Love Hewitt and the crew of her spooky TV drama GHOST WHISPERER got the chills during a recent late-night shoot when a real spectre showed up on the set. The actress, who plays an antiques dealer that helps troubled spirits cross over, was filming a tense scene earlier this week (beg08JAN07), when crew members noticed movement in the shadows behind her. Love Hewitt and her pals crowded around the monitor to watch the scene played back and were shocked to see what looked like a real spirit turning behind her on the monitor screen. The actress was so shocked by what she saw she insisted the unedited footage be kept so she could show family, friends and TV hosts. She appeared on comedienne Ellen Degeneres' show yesterday (12JAN07) and showed the eerie footage. She said, "This just showed up on the footage and the editor, like, came up with chills on his arms and he was like, `I need somebody else to tell me that they're seeing this also.' "Seconds before that on the footage of the dailies, it's not there and it's not there afterwards. It was just there for that fleeting moment."