Jennifer Love Hewitt's boyfriend serenades her with high heels.

The 30-year-old actress - who plays Melinda Gordon, a character able to see and communicate with the dead in hit US TV series 'The Ghost Whisperer' - said she knew her boyfriend was the one when she realised he was just as obsessed with buying shoes as she was.

She said: "Jamie is a good man with shoes, he will buy you any shoe you want because he loves them. He knows a way to a girl's heart."

Jennifer - who works alongside Jamie, 39, in 'Ghost Whisperer' - said working together benefitted their relationship because they didn't have to waste time discussing work every night.

She told You magazine: "The idea of two actors in a relationship can be explosive and scary, but the good thing is that he is also a writer, a comedian and an entrepreneur. One of the great things about working together is that in the evening we don't have to have an hour-long conversation about how our day went."

Jennifer - who has previously dated singer John Mayer, actor Ross McCall as well as being engaged to kayaker Brad Ludden - said she was starting to feel ready to settle down, and suggested having children may be next on the cards.

She said: "I would love to have kids but I have no idea when. I used to try and work it all out and then I realised that life us so much better when you don't plan it. I know that I will have children one day. But first things first... I am just really happy in the here and now."