Jennifer Love Hewitt loves pole dancing and baking.

The 'Client List' actress - who is currently single - loves getting in touch with her sexuality through her raunchy hobby, but is equally comfortable embracing domesticity.

She said: ''It's a great way to get in touch with your sexuality. I also love to cook, so I can have a cake in the oven while I do a pole dance.''

The 33-year-old beauty also insisted she rarely gets any attention from guys.

She said: ''It might sound so stupid, but guys do not hit on me. I'm not really sure why.''

Jennifer says her favourite part of her body is her boobs because they have ''served her well'' and she is proud of her curves.

She told the new issue of Maxim magazine: ''It's horrible to say, but I like my boobs. They've always served me well. They're good.''

The brunette beauty also discussed her love of ''vajazzaling'', using crystals to add ''glitz and glamour'' to her private parts.

She said: ''Vajazzaling is where you stick Swarovski crystals on the female area to add a little glitz and glamour. I actually named it that because it's like BeDazzling for your hoo-ha.''