Movie star Jennifer Love Hewitt hates coming face to face with her acting heroes because she always acts the fool in front of them.

The pretty I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER star has had many encounters with her favourite men, but she fears she always comes across as a mad fan.

She's amazed that her ultimate hero, Johnny Depp, has any time for her whatsoever after she screamed at him and locked herself in her trailer when he decided to pay her a visit on the set of SISTER ACT 2: BACK IN THE HABIT when she was a teenager.

She recalls, "Johnny Depp knocked on my trailer door because a friend of mine told him that I loved him... I open it and I just started screaming, crying, I threw myself on the floor because that's adult and mature and what you want to do.

"Then I locked myself in my trailer and when I came out he was gone.

"I went to his movie premiere like two days later and just as I got there they gave away my seat and I didn't even get to see the movie, so I go to his security guard outside... and I told him all about my obsession with Johnny Depp and how much I loved him.

"I finally got to meet him like a week-and-a-half later and he shook my hand and then I was graduating from high school and he sent me flowers. He's such a nice man... He's my hero."

27/11/2004 01:48