Movie beauty Jennifer Love Hewitt is fed-up with never being offered plum roles, and ideally wants to star in a period drama or as a "sexy action hero".

The I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER star thinks her career is on a "slower" path than her contemporaries and wants to play more challenging characters.

Hewitt says, "A lot of people know me as a young person from (hit TV show) Party Of Five, so there are a lot of parts that I'm not even considered for.

"I'd love to do a sexy action hero or a JANE AUSTEN story or something like Sliding Doors, but that's just not where casting directors see me right now, so I just have to wait.

"I'm on a slower career path than other actress, and I'm definitely wary of jumping into racier stuff just to prove that I can take on older roles.

"A lot of young actresses try that to prove they can be in more grown-up films, but I don't think it ever works in your favour."

27/07/2004 21:19