GHOST WHISPERER star Jennifer Love Hewitt has been ordered to cover up on the set of the TV show, because her outfits are too revealing. The actress regularly wears revealing shirts on the show but has been asked to tone things down when appearing in the same scenes as children. The former Party Of Five star was shocked when she watched tapes of the show and saw herself bending over to talk to her younger co-stars and showing more than she expected. She explains, "We've actually had to have a conversation about my tops for this coming season. I ended up in sort of inappropriate things sometimes while talking to ghost children. "We found it difficult and upsetting when we watched it back. I'd be like, 'Are you OK?' (leans over) and then there's these things (breasts) and that's not childlike at all. So we've fixed it this season!" Hewitt says she has to make the show sexy to get her younger male fans to tune in. She adds, "It's part of ratings. You have to give the 14-year-old boys in America something to watch. If it's just me talking to dead people, it's not interesting to them at all!"