Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is regularly invited to appear at funerals because fans confuse her with her GHOST WHISPERER character, MELINDA. The former PARTY OF FIVE star plays a woman who can communicate with the dead on the US show and wishes she could help fans in real life. She explains, "I get invited to funerals a lot. "I have to kind of laugh about it because I can't just walk around feeling sad all the time, but a part of me really feels bad that I can't help these people. "I had this woman come up to me and she was so sweet, she was probably 75 and we're sitting there talking and she's telling me how on Friday nights she gets together with her husband and they hold hands on the couch and they eat their favourite meal and they watch the show and how she never misses it and she loves it. "Like 20 minutes into the conversation, I realised that her husband was dead. "She likes the show because she thinks her husband comes to spend time with her then, but I was broken-hearted because I didn't know how to be the Ghost Whisperer in real life. "I was like, 'What do I do?' You can't fake your way through something like that. It was really hard."