Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has decided to behave like a grown adult now she's turned 26 - she finally plans to do her own laundry.

The I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER star welcomed her birthday on 21 February (05) and has now decided it's time to take on her own domestic tasks, rather than leave them to her mother.

She says, "It is a good age, it's scary though 'cause 26 feels like you really have to start growing up and learning to do laundry and stuff... it freaks me out.

"I'm new at the whole (thing). My mom's very generous. You just bring a basket and the next day it's all done and folded and it's great!

"It's time that I learned to do my own laundry, I think. Twenty-six just feels very grown up."

Because of Hewitt's fears of "getting older", her family threw her a party identical to the one she had when she celebrated her seventh birthday.

04/03/2005 09:36