Jennifer Love Hewitt has called in a ghostbuster to help her get rid of the spook which haunts her when she's in the shower.

The actress went ghostbusting in Los Angeles to prepare for her role in new TV series GHOST WHISPERER and decided to ask her spirit chaser pal to check her own home out for ghouls.

She explains, "There were weird things happening in my house, like light switches going off and on and I heard footsteps and things like that.

"So, just for fun - because I didn't really think it was anything - I was like, 'So, can you come get rid of my ghost?'

"She came over... and the ghost was there because he had a crush on me. That's what he told her and he liked to see me in the shower, which is so gross.

"She just asked him if he was ready to go... Watching her do what she did was pretty amazing."