Spooky extras filming a scene for Jennifer Love Hewitt's TV show GHOST WHISPERER left a family terrified, when they accidentally stumbled onto the set.
The fright took place during a day's shooting at a cemetery in Los Angeles, when a group of real life mourners mistook made-up spirits for the real thing.
The actress, who plays a woman who can communicate with the dead in the eerie show, explains, "We were filming in the cemetery and these people were dressed up like spirits. They were dressed up very scary, like zombie-ish. And they were all sitting behind the tombstones on low chairs.
"So they are eating their lunch, taking a break, and these people came to the cemetery to see their family and four of these ghosts stand up from behind the tombstones.
"A security guard from the place comes up and said 'You've got to get out of here right now. Get these ghosts out of the cemetery right now' and this one woman is saying 'I've seen it. I've seen it. They're coming, they're coming.' It was great."