Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jason Priestley were among the stars who attended a the WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS' ASSOCIATION dinner.

In contrast to last years's (02) event when Ozzy Osbourne and his wife SHARON were the guests of honour at a wild party, Saturday night's (26APR03) bash was a quiet affair with three war-injured enlisted soldiers and JENNA ELFMAN on special invite from GRETA VAN SUSTEREN.

Instead of quips from a comedian, the crowd was instead treated to a performance from Ray Charles.

Mary Tyler Moore, Julie Andrews and Joe Pantoliano were among the other stars who joined president George W Bush at the annual event, which Love Hewitt - a first-time attender - describes as "conservative".

Actress Bo Derek, who arrived with her beau John Corbett, says, "I thought it was appropriate. I miss the jokes and fun, but it was still a happy night - not sombre at all."

29/04/2003 09:38