Actresses Jennifer Love Hewitt and Aisha Tyler had a special gift for their favourite assistant on the set of hit US TV show GHOST WHISPERER - a reunion with his family.

Hard-working CLAYTON LYONS touched the stars' hearts when he refused to let the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed his home city of New Orleans, Louisiana, affect his work on the drama.

Tyler was particularly moved by Lyons' efforts because she had insisted that he leave New Orleans and work with her on the set of Ghost Whisperer after befriending him on a movie project in Louisiana.

And when she discovered that members of his family were missing after the hurricane hit in August (05), she set about helping him find them, and then worked with Love Hewitt to bring them to the set in Los Angeles.

Tyler says, "He was family to us and so his family was family to us and it was just a devastating week because he didn't know where his family was.

"He came to work every day and he never complained and he never flagged and he was more concerned with how we were all doing... He's just a great guy."