Jennifer Lopez's lucrative term as the 'face' of luxury goods brand LOUIS VUITTON is over, after company bosses had enough of her freeloading behaviour.

The actress/singer's classy print adverts for Vuitton, which saw her clad in the brand's clothing and clutching its distinctive bags whilst surrounded by scantily-clad hunks, spearheaded the company's 2003 marketing campaign.

But despite the popularity of the ads, J.LO won't be back - according to gossip website PAGESIX, her behaviour during the campaign shoot upset bosses so much they don't want to work with her anymore.

The GIGLI star allegedly made a little too free with the freebies, and walked off the shoot with tens of thousands of dollars worth of top-grade merchandise - even sending her assistant back after she'd left to collect a nice pair of socks she's forgotten.

Representatives for LV declined to comment on J.Lo's alleged actions, saying only, "It was only a one-time contract."

10/12/2003 21:09