An intimate video of Jennifer Lopez with her ex-husband Ojani Noa has been allegedly stolen.

His current girlfriend Claudia Vazquez has been in possession of the data drive which contains the footage, but she now claims Ed Meyer - Ojani's manager - has taken it from her house without permission.

Her lawyer Cris Armenta sent a letter to him demanding he appear in court today (08.06.11) and return the tape.

The letter reads: "Claudia Vazquez will bring an ex parte application for relief, or whatever is proper, against you for removing Home Video data drive from Claudia Vazquez's home.

"You were on notice of the order and using false pretences, you removed the drive from her house. You have been asked to return it by Claudia Vazquez, myself, and law enforcement authorities. Bring the drive with you to court. We intend to ask the Court to order you to hand the drive to Jennifer Lopez's attorney's immediately."

Ed has now confirmed he is in possession of the tape - which 41-year-old Jennifer recently won an injunction against the sale of - and he plans to take it to court.

He said: "I'll be in court this morning with the data drive ... I'm going to ask that a retired judge be appointed by the court to keep the videos instead of Jay Lavely, Jennifer's attorney."

Ed has previously claimed there are "about 15-20 minutes of total nudity between all the different clips among the 27 hours of footage" of Ojani and Jennifer - who divorced after less than a year of marriage in 1998 - and he is believed to have sold it to his girlfriend Claudia so she could release it on his behalf after he was banned from doing so.