Jennifer Lopez stunned the stylish at New York City Fashion Week on Wednesday (06Feb08) by showing off her baby bump in a breathtaking teal Marchesa dress. Despite reports she's ready to deliver twins at any moment, Lopez couldn't stay away from the catwalk and braved the big freeze in the Big Apple to attend the Marchesa show. She said, "I'm feeling good. I haven't gone out a lot for the past few months, but Marchesa has been incredibly good to me. They are just amazing!" And the ever-fashion conscious star admitted she simply cannot pull off the sweatpants look that other mums-to-be adopt just before they go into labour. She added, "People make fun of me because when I do have them over to my house I do have a dress on. I don't like the way the sweats look with the extra weight." Lopez's father, David, confirmed his daughter was expecting twins during an interview with a Spanish-language news show on Monday (04Feb08).