Jennifer Lopez "loves" doing physical comedy roles.

The 40-year-old actress-and-singer admits she enjoyed her latest role in 'The Back-Up Plan' because she got to be "goofy".

She said: "It was awesome. I love doing comedy, but physical comedy especially because you get to be really goofy and silly. If you aren't afraid to make a fool of yourself then it can be lots of fun.

"As a dancer, I feel very comfortable with my body in a sense. I know I'm not going to hurt myself. I'll throw myself on the floor. "

Jennifer plays Zoe in the movie, an unlucky in love woman who decides she wants to have artificial insemination the day she happens to bump into someone she falls in love with, and she admits she drew on her own experience of pregnancy with twins Max and Emme, two, to perform the role.

She told "I had a great pregnancy just right before I started the filming so it was a great thing to be able to do.

"The whole movie is about being pregnant and having kids and what that means emotionally. Also meeting someone who is potentially 'The One' in her life. It was great."

Recently Jennifer said she was pleased to be back at work after taking time off to look after her children.

She said: "I love being back to work, I've always been working and to have left it for a couple of years to have my kids and spend time with them has been a big deal for me, so to get back has been the best."