Jennifer Lopez provided the Oscars with possibly one of the most uninspiring "wardrobe malfunctions" of recent times when it was fully clear whether the star's dress had slipped as she opened the envelope to announce the winner of an award alongside Cameron Diaz at last night's ceremony.
With Angelina Jolie already making a show of herself by revealing more than a little leg as she presented an award for Best Screenwriter, the internet was ripe for an evening of meme making, fake Twitter accounts and blogs, Jolie's leg suffering the fate of all three. As Lopez tight-fitting dress drew attention it looked like it was about to kick off all over again, with a Twitter account called Jlosnipple appearing and making numerous witty posts including "If you were a nipple for one day...which event would you make an appearance at? Super Bowl? Check. Oscars? Check. Oscars JLo."
However, disappointment for any Lopez and/or nipple fans; according to her stylist Mariel Haenn the slip never happened. "The Oscar dress was custom-made for Jennifer by designer Zuhair Murad. The dress fit perfectly to her every inch," Haenn explained to MTV, "There were cups built in and there's no chance that there were any how do you say? 'Slips.' While the dress did give the illusion of sheerness, jokes on everyone who wishes they saw something!"