Jennifer Lopez's first husband OJANI NOA is laughing off a new cease and desist missive from the singer/actress' lawyers, insisting his new parody of his marriage to the star doesn't breach a legally-binding agreement not to reveal details of the couple's late 1990s union.
Lopez's attorneys have already successfully blocked Noa's plans to release a tell-all book about his courtship and one-year marriage to the pop star and now they want him to scrap a "mockumentary" set to go before the cameras in 2010.
But Noa and his production partner Ed Meyer already have a director on board - Joe Estevez - and casting has begun on the project, tentatively titled How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J-lo and and Ojani Noa Story.
Meyer insists the new cease and desist letter holds no weight - and filming will proceed as planned.
He tells WENN, "Citing a 2007 injunction against writing about Lopez’s personal life, the letter signed by attorney John Lavely states that the film constitutes 'a blatant and malicious violation of my client’s legal rights and undeniably violates the clear command of the Court’s injunction'.
"It continues: 'Your announced intention to produce a motion picture... about Noa and Lopez and their tumultuous marriage (as characterized on the website) violates the injunction.'
"The 2007 injunction prevents Noa from licensing, disseminating, distribution... any book manuscript or other written materials which contain private or intimate details about Lopez or Noa’s relationship with Lopez. But this is a 100 per cent parody, and, as such, is not impacted by the injunction."
In a written response to law firm Lavely & Singer's cease and desist instruction, Meyer scolds, "As the premiere Entertainment Industry IP Lawyers (sic), you and Marty (Singer) must know and realize that your threats are moot when it comes to film that is 100% a parody.
"It is a mockumentary, basically a parody ala Borat."
Noa, a former waiter, and Lopez were married for a year from 1997 to 1998. Noa also worked briefly as the manager of his ex-wife's California restaurant Madre's.