Jennifer Lopez's obstetrician/gynaecologist has heaped praise on the newest celebrity mum, stating the singer/actress is the perfect mother. Dr. Anita Sadaty was with Lopez when her baby twins were born at Long Island, New York's North Shore Hospital on Friday (22Feb08) - and she reveals the delivery was easy and uncomplicated. She tells Life + Style magazine the babies, a boy and girl, were both healthy - and Lopez is adjusting to her newest role as a mother well. Dr. Sadaty says, "Jennifer was amazing. She has this motherhood glow about her, very serene. Her boy and girl are healthy - and for that she feels so thankful and blessed. "The delivery went without a hitch. There were no complications whatsoever. (Husband) Marc (Anthony) was by her side. He and Jennifer are simply overjoyed." The doctor also confirms the twins were both delivered by Caesarian Section, and entered the world 11 minutes apart - with Lopez's baby girl coming first. As previously reported, Dr. Sadaty sent Lopez home with her babies on Monday (25Feb08).