Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband has been told not to audition for a spot on the new season of American Idol - because he won't be welcomed.
Ojani Noa was hoping to embarrass his ex in Los Angeles on Wednesday (22Sep10), as she makes her debut as a judge on the show, by showing up for try-outs at the Forum.
A spokesman for Noa told WENN he was even planning to perform one of Lopez's songs.
But Idol bosses are keen to keep the Cuban-American away from auditions, according to reports.
A source tells the Chicago Sun Times newspaper that producers are determined not to embarrass Lopez and they've reportedly hired 'screeners' to make sure Noa doesn't slip past security - even if he's in disguise.
They insist they're justified in barring him from the competition because, at 36, he's well past the Idol cut-off age of 28.
A source close to Noa tells WENN, "Fox and Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe have made their intentions clear to the media that Fox intends to block Ojani Noa's audition for American Idol, and to sue if Ojani Noa does show up to audition for American Idol.
"Our response is that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) & Congress should investigate whether American Idol is truly a real game show, or just another phony game show."
Noa's business partner Ed Meyer insists Fox bosses and Idol producers can't ban the former waiter from the show, simply because he's too old.
He explains, "In the past, the first two episodes of each season of American Idol are always phony, as they let anyone of any age audition to get viewership numbers - for example the 62-year-old Pants on the Ground guy (Larry Platt)."
Lopez and Noa are currently embroiled in a bitter court battle after the singer/actress won a bid to block Noa from releasing a film about his life because it reportedly contained raunchy footage of her.