Latina star Jennifer Lopez was left so devastated after a series of broken relationships before her marriage to Marc Anthony, she often longed to swap lives with a more fortunate woman.

The singer and actress was on the verge of quitting showbusiness after the media turned into a figure of ridicule following her two divorces and high-profile splits with ex-boyfriends SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and Ben Affleck.

However, she deems the unflattering portrayal of her disastrous romances unfair, insisting her only flaw is that she falls in love too easily.

She says, "I throw myself into love because I believe in it, but when things don't work you have to take responsibility.

"You all know things have gone wrong for me. Everybody has laughed, everybody has had a knock at me. It hurts, it always does.

"There have been times when I didn't want to be me any more. From the outside looking in, it may have appeared that it was a glamorous exciting life, but I would have swapped places with anybody. It really did start to get to me and the easy thing to do would be to walk away."

02/01/2005 21:29