Latina singer Jennifer Lopez fell foul of managers at a posh Hollywood condo complex when she left her dog unattended for a weekend with no food, water or company.

The I'M REAL hitmaker was enjoying a weekend break with one-time lover Sean 'P Diddy' Combs in the late 1990s while, according to New York website PAGE SIX.COM, her dog was in deep distress.

The incident reportedly led to her eviction from the plush pad.

A source at the COLONIAL HOUSE HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATION says, "She was off somewhere with PUFF DADDY, and the dog was scratching and barking and whining the whole time.

"This dog apparently had no food or water and wasn't walked for three days.

"The neighbours complained about the noise, and management got into her apartment and found that it was covered with dog urine and faeces, and the dog had scratched up the wood floors. The owner evicted her."

Spokespeople for the JENNY FROM THE BLOCK beauty refused to comment on the allegations.

11/09/2003 21:12