Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO have joined forces to star in a special new documentary about a tragic 11-year-old wannabe actor.

DUSTIN MORAZ, who was just 11 when he died of a terminal illness, spent much of his short life trying to become an actor and befriended many stars along the way.

His final wish was for filmmaker GISELLE (corr) FERNANDEZ to tell his story in a new TV film, to encourage more stars to boost he morale of Los Angeles' sick kids.

In the film, Moraz is shown receiving his Screen Actors Guild card at a special ceremony surrounded by Smith and DiCaprio.

Smith says, "I have three children so I can only imagine the pain and difficulty the family has had."

DiCaprio adds, "He has such tremendous courage and I don't think that I would be able to have half the courage that this young man has."

The movie, OUR STORY, also follows generous stars like Lopez as she spends time with sick kids from Los Angeles' CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.

Meanwhile, Lopez will be honoured for the time she has dedicated to kids from the hospital at a gala next month (02OCT04).

17/09/2004 02:36