Jennifer Lopez tricked her husband Marc Anthony into attending his surprise 40th birthday party by telling him they were having a quiet meal with Hollywood pal Katie Holmes.
The actress/singer was keen to keep the lavish bash under wraps, and used fake plans to meet Holmes in a bid to get Anthony to the New York venue without ruining the secret.
And the star admits it was tough to fool the singer - because he kept asking what he should do to celebrate the milestone birthday.
She tells, "I told him it was such a busy weekend, that I might not be able to do anything, (he kept asking) 'What are we gonna do for my birthday?"
"I can't believe we pulled it off. He was so blown away."
And Lopez - who attended the event on Sunday (14Sep08) night just hours after completing a gruelling triathlon in Malibu, California - made sure the party was one to remember.
She hired burlesque star Dita Von Teese to entertain guests at an exclusive Cuban nightclub in the Big Apple, as well as a salsa orchestra and showgirls.
And the couple's celebrity guests were shocked their hostess had made it to the celebrations after completing the testing event.
Brooke Shields says, "Jennifer is amazing. I did a triathlon once in college but for me a triathlon is now eating, drinking and sleeping. The party is over the top. It's pure Jennifer."