Latina diva Jennifer Lopez has threatened to snub her husband MARC ANTHONY's performance at tonight's (15SEP04) WORLD MUSIC AWARDS - after a succession of vicious arguments.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer, 34, was looking forward to supporting the salsa singer at the glamorous Las Vegas event, but now refuses to attend unless he agrees to spend more time with her and apologises for his recent mood swings, reports Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper.

An insider says, "Jennifer and Marc have been so busy working on their individual careers they've hardly had any time for romance. Jennifer has always supported Marc when he performs and in the past has been to all of his gigs.

"But she wants him to give her the same support and spend more time with her away from his music. Marc has been so focused on himself, he's been moody and does nothing but work. And that has not pleased Jennifer. She is someone who needs lots of love and attention."

15/09/2004 13:17