Superstar Jennifer Lopez has had enough of ex-boyfriend SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS's attempts to come between her and fiance Ben Affleck.

Even though Lopez and the rap mogul split three years ago after a tumultuous relationship, Combs has been "shadowing" the singer and actress' every move whilst Affleck is away promoting his new movie PAYCHECK.

According to British newspaper THE DAILY MIRROR, J.LO has grown angry at Combs' blatant attempts to try and woo her back into his arms.

A friend says, "She's had enough. Jennifer thinks someone in her camp is leaking info to Diddy and telling him where she's going to be.

"It's pathetic. It's like he's trying to outdo her by showing up where she is, just to get her attention.

"It's no secret he wants her back - but he's got another thing coming he thinks she'll jump on him just because Ben's away working."

14/01/2004 13:41