Superstar Jennifer Lopez had a blazing row with a top music producer earlier this week (begs09AUG04) - after he told her husband Marc Anthony to stop distracting her in the studio.

Tempers flared when COREY ROONEY - who has worked with Destiny's Child and JESSICA SIMPSON - became annoyed by Anthony's presence and asked him to leave.

A source says, "Jennifer and Corey really got into it big-time.

"Corey told Jen's people that Marc Anthony should stay out of the studio as he's distracting her.

"But J.Lo was having none of it and in the end Corey left after being told in no uncertain terms that Marc was staying.

"Considering he's done so much work with her in the past, it's not good for them to be falling out with each other."

13/08/2004 02:42