Jennifer Lopez lived up to her diva reputation during a skit on pal Ellen Degeneres' chat show on Tuesday (18Jan11) when she interviewed two potential new assistants and kept interrupting them to rave on about her career success.
Lopez agreed to repeat everything comedienne DeGeneres said as it was fed to her through an ear-piece while she chatted with the unsuspecting job hunter.
The singer tried to keep a straight face as she repeated, "Are you intimidated by a strong, beautiful, proud, Latina woman?" and then added, "Have you ever assisted a celebrity before...? I am a huge star. Internationally known."
She later asked the man, "Is my beauty distracting...? Some people are distracted my beauty."
And then suggested he wear her perfume.
But the mock interview turned awkward when J.Lo asked him to name his favourite song of hers, and he added, "I'd been lying to you if I said... that I..." prompting Lopez to butt in and say, "That's a shame, I was starting to like you."
She then sang a refrain from her hit Jenny From The Block.
She ended the first awkward encounter by trying to keep a straight face while DeGeneres told her to stop talking and close her eyes - to see if she and the interviewee had "a connection".
Lopez then raved about her love for chocolate through her second mock interview and then sat down with both hopefuls and revealed they were being filmed for a skit on Ellen.