Jennifer Lopez has written a song for her twin two year olds but fears it's too personal to release.
The ballad Love? is a big hit at home, but the R&B star can't decide whether or not to put it on her new album.
She says, "I wrote a song for the babies but I don't know that I'm gonna put it on the album. I'm gonna call it Love? - because it's an endlessly fascinating topic that all my albums have been about, and it's still very confusing to me.
"I explore that on this album probably more than my other albums."
The singer has a new record label after parting ways with Sony's Epic Records after 11 years, and she's already making big plans for her upcoming releases.
She tells WENN, "I've been working on my new album since last summer and hope it will come out this summer. I recently parted ways with my old record company and we have a new one. They've heard what I've been working on and everybody is really happy with it. I just need to finish it.
"I'm going to start working on a new Spanish album as well for release next year."