Actress Jennifer Lopez has one chief problem with fame - it's hindered her love of clubbing and dancing into the small hours.

The Shall We Dance? beauty's leading passion in life is grooving and, before she was propelled to stardom, Lopez would always wow party-goers by showing off her moves on the dancefloor.

But with prying eyes now following her every action, she can no longer mingle with the public and enjoy a hassle-free night of partying.

She tells EMPIRE magazine, "Dancing makes you feel free. One of the things I miss most is being able to go out to a club with my combat boots, sweatpants, a hat and a T-shirt and just dance until four in the morning.

"Now that people know me, it's different. I can't just be the crazy girl with the hat, dancing for four hours. People have their eye on me too much and it's not too much fun."

17/03/2005 09:30