Jennifer Lopez's mother may have caused the singer/actress a big headache - as she battles to ban her ex-husband OJANI NOA from cashing in on home video footage - after allegedly selling candid wedding day clips to a Latin American TV network.
Noa's production partner Ed Meyer claims the star's mum, Guadalupe, sold footage she had obtained from her former son-in-law to network bosses at Univision and they aired it as part of a news story on Wednesday night (25Nov09).
Ironically, Lopez's attorneys won a temporary restraining order on Noa and Meyer's documentary, claiming the film would feature candid clips of their client - something the defendants insist is not true. Meyer maintains his partner's home video footage is only being used as a research resource by those hoping to turn Noa's life struggles into a movie.
And he is convinced the reported actions of Lopez's mother will help him overturn the film ban in federal court on Tuesday (01Dec09).
Meyer tells WENN, "This shoots down the temporary restraining order. Some of the footage shown on Univision even made it onto YouTube and we had it taken down, because it's the property of Ojani Noa.
"Ojani had shown the footage to members of Jennifer Lopez's family and he let her mum take a copy. She had no right passing it on to Univision and we are now considering cross-complaining against Mrs. Lopez."
Jennifer Lopez's lawyers had not responded as WENN went to press.