Jennifer Lopez had no qualms about working with husband Marc Anthony on new movie El Cantante, despite the criticism she endured shooting 2003 flop Gigli with then-boyfriend Ben Affleck. Lopez and Anthony play husband and wife in the biopic of salsa singer Hector Lavoe, but the actress, who also produces the film, insists she wanted to cast Anthony in the role long before they became romantically involved. She says, "When you do a project, you want to bring the best people together. "I got his script five years ago; Marc and I were not a couple at the time. But I knew he was the one to play Hector. I didn't even know that I would play Puchi (Hector's wife), I just knew that it was the first movie that I wanted to produce. "I called him immediately, and he was like, `Oh my God! He's my idol! Of course.'"